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Divine Transformations

Divine Transformations

Transform into Tiamat and Ereshkigal! Change your entire appearance with these latest additions.

Combat Support

The new auto-hunting feature makes the solo game even easier. Choose your skills and follow the results in real time!

Combat Support
A New Challenge

A New Challenge

Take on the second boss in Makarna of Bitterness!

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The version on the Early Access Server is like a diamond in the rough – uncut with imperfections

  • The version has not been fully tested. You may experience problems, bugs and crashes.
  • A new account is required to play.
  • Not all contents will find their way into the final version.
  • The language version is partially in Korean in the beginning. Little by little, we will complete the texts for English, German and French.
  • The Early Access Server will be permanently online – always in the latest version.
  • Premium items from the previous version are available in the AION Shop. There is neither support for purchases in the AION Shop nor for improved items in the game.
  • Transfers or copies of characters and items to or from the Early Access Server are not possible.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the Early Access version over in the AION forums.

Full details on the update can be found in our FAQ.

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